The future of home finance

The future of home finance

FinTech is the future of real estate financing and investing. We’re getting ready for it by using advanced data analysis to source deals, enabling individual and institutional investors to finance and invest, and easing the insurance approval process for borrowers and investors through our financial services in North America.

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Smart mortgage

There’s no better feeling than owning your home. However, in the current market, other lenders can make getting approved for a mortgage seem challenging—even unattainable. But with the largest network of lenders available, years of lending experience, and our one-stop solution platform for all your home-related financial needs, you can count on our renowned brokerage team to make owning your home that much faster, easier, and simpler with competitive rates to save you money, too.

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RIFO Funds

To help facilitate realty transactions and increase business volume on RIFO’s platform, RIFO Fintech Group offers two exceptional funds: RIFO Realty Trust Fund, which provides first and second mortgages to help RIFO realty agents and their clients to close transactions, as well as the RIFO BetterLiving Development Fund, which provides solutions for individual home redevelopment and rebuilding.

Home asset

Your life tells a one-of-a-kind story, and you should get to write your future exactly how you want it. By making our dedicated team a part of your next chapter, we can help you realize your full financial potential. RRSP, Group RRSP, RESP, RRIF, TFSA, and many more... where to even begin? We’ll make sure you unleash and understand all of your possibilities. Whatever your goals may be, we’ll make recommendations for the highest quality investment funds for Canadians, carefully and strategically selected from thousands of market options tailored to serve your unique investment needs—short-term, long-term, or for generations to come.

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the best insurance

You deserve the best when it comes to satisfying all of your home and auto insurance needs. That means combining an unparalleled, long-standing standard of customer service with comprehensive knowledge and experience. That’s why we’ve partnered with Simplinsur, a licensed insurance brokerage that Canadians have trusted for years. You can be confident that we’ll secure for you the best and most reliable coverage and expertise for your individual needs—not to mention incredible value—to save you precious time and money to put toward the things you truly care about.